Sainj Valley in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Sainj Valley

Sainj Valley covered with snow in January Month

Where is Sainj Valley located ?

Sainj valley is located in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. It is 53 KM away from Mandi, 47 KM from Kullu and 18 KM from Aut at Chandigarh -Kullu-Manali Highway.

Sainj is the nature's hidden treasure to retreat in Kullu Valley.

Entrance of Sainj and Tirthan Valley

It was January month of 2019. Me and my friend Rocky has planned to go for a short trip in Kullu valley. We decided to explore the Tirthan and Sainj Valley. On 24th Jan we packed our bags and start our carrier RE thunderbird and left for our destination from Hamirpur. We had entered in the Sainj valley at 1 PM and stopped for lunch break at a small market just before Shanshar village. We would like to saw the Manu Rishi temple first which was in Shanshar village of the Valley. Manu Rishi Temple built in pagoda style with a multi-tier design is a unique spectacle. This wooden temple made with the wooden of single tree.

After covering the road which was full of mud and snow on it but finally, we reached around 4 PM at the temple. We enjoyed the sight seeing at Manu Rishi temple and left for our journey towards homestay which was in Shangarh.

Manu Rishi Temple
Manu Rishi Temple in Shanshar village of Sainj Valley

On the way to Shanshar - Sainj Valley

Heading towards Shanshar Village

Manu Temple
Way to Manu Rishi Temple

Manu Rishi Temple
View of the mountains from midway to Manu Rishi Temple

Mountains of Sainj Valley

Sainj Town

Earlier our plan was to stay in Tirthan valley in night, but we decided to go Shangarh as Rocky has heard about the natural beauty of this place and also road to Shangarh was in our way while we were heading back from Manu Rishi Temple. It was almost dark, but still we have to go long to reach Shangarh. Also, we don’t have much information about this place but the last clue we have that we asked a little kid in mid-way about the road to Shangarh and he said yes, it is heading to Shangarh and we can reach through bike. We were almost feeling lost in the dark night since there was no movement of any other vehicle on the road and even there was no sign of any house nearby the road and also there was no signal in our mobiles. After covering the few kilometers, we saw an abandoned house on roadside which was not looking like someone could be inside, but we think to give a try to knock the door and we were lucky. A gentleman came out from the house and we asked him for help to guide us to reach Shangarh. We were out of water so that person also gave us hot water to drink since it was freezing temperature and also called up a homestay guy who was known to him so request him to provide us a room in his homestay. We were very thankful to that gentleman for his all help, this is the beauty of Himachali peoples.

Shangarh was two KMs away from that place and road was completely covered with snow so it was very difficult to ride the motorcycle on it but after lots of struggleful efforts finally we reached at homestay. We ordered the dinner and toast our drinks for this journey and then we had the dinner and went for sleep.

Shepherd returning to home in evening in Shanshar village

Darkest night and we were still heading to Shangarh

We would have no idea where we were reached in last night but when we woke up in the morning it was complete surprise for us. It was snowing outside and wherever we could see from the window of our room every place was covered with snow. We don’t want to waste our time any more in the room on bed so quickly we got ready and had our breakfast and went outside to enjoy the fresh snowfall.

Surprising morning at Shangarh - This was the view from our room window

Hotel at Shangarh
Our Homestay at Shangarh

Our bike -Night was very cold !!

We stepped out from the homestay and went to Shangchul Mahadev temple. This temple is the main attraction of Shangarh as it is located in wide open ground. The complete ground was covered with blanket of snow and that view was treat to our eyes. We clicked couple of pictures in snow.

Shangchul Mahadev in Sainj Valley
Shangchul Mahadev Temple in Shangarh covered with fresh snow

Sainj Valley
Closure image of Shangchul Madev temple

Wooden work on the walls of Shangchul Mahadev Temple

Life in snow white

It was snowing since morning, so temperature was very low, and our clothes were getting wet in snow so we could not explore the valley more. Only thing we could enjoy the snowfall and we were happy with it. After spending some time in snow, we decided to go back to homestay. 

Fresh snow spell in the Sainj Valley

Road covered with fresh snow

Around 12 PM we decided to say goodbye to Shangarh and checkout from homestay. The road was completely covered with snow, so it was very difficult for Rocky to ride the bike. Many times, he dropped the bike in snow and also, I pushed the bike on many points where the bike was getting skid on snow. Somehow, we managed to move out from Shangarh.

Dropped the bike in Snow and it happened many times

Snow in the complete valley

Home where we got the help from a Gentleman in last night

We were riding the bike on snow

Morning view in Shangarh

Road condition after snowfall.

Returning from Shangarh

Great Himalayan National Park
Entrance of Great Himalayan National Park


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