Things to carry for Leh Ladakh Bike Ride

Here are the following things that you would be needing for the Leh Ladakh Bike Ride:

For Bike:

1. Saddle bags or tail bag with rain covers
2. Tank bag with rain cover
3. Puncture kit*
4. Foot pump*
5. Chain lube spray and chain lube oil*
6. Extra pair of tubes if riding spoke wheel bike
7. 2 to 4 bungee cords*
8. Empty Can or 2 bottles to carry fuel*
9. RC, DL, Insurance and Pollution paper
10. 2/3 microfibre cloth to clean the bike and luggage

Saddle, tail and tank bags are fancy things and can put extra burden on budget. Anyone can use a simple Rucksack bag which can hold all the stuffs for ride. * are must needed items. If you are carrying a bike which is giving 45 kmpl or more mileage and have 15 litres or larger fuel tank, then no need to carry Can or bottles to carry fuel but make sure to refuel the bike as much as possible on every filling station.

For Rider:

1. Riding Jacket with all liners
2. Riding pant
3. Riding gloves and Surgical gloves*
4. Helmet with defogger*
5. Biker face mask -Balaclava*
6. Elbow and Knee protectors if don’t have riding pant and Jacket*
7. Riding shoes or high ankle shoes and a pair of waterproof shoe covers*
8. Rain suit*

Anyone can go for the ride with normal Denim-shirt and Jacket but make sure to wear good quality helmet, elbow and knee protectors for safety.


1. Water/wind proof Jackets and pullover
2. Denims as per ride schedule. At least 5/6 needed for 10 to 12 days trip.
3. 5/6 Full sleeves t-shirts
4. 2 pairs of Thermal
5. 5/6 pairs of warm socks
6. Woollen cap and muffler
7. Woollen gloves
8. A pair of casual shoes and slippers

Clothing can be adjusted as per the riding schedule.

Medical Kit:

1. Pain relief spray*
2. Cough, cold and fever medicines*
3. Stomach ache medicine -ORS
4. AMS tab (Diamox or any other) *
5. Band-aid and crepe Bandage

Travel Kit:

1. Lip care*
2. Sunscreen lotion above 50 SPF*
3. Oil, comb, moisturizer
4. Toothpaste and brush
5. Facewash, body wash, paper soap, tissue paper


1. Mobile charge, power bank
2. Extra batteries and memory cards for Camera and GoPro if carrying
3. Laptop and external hard drive
4. Backpack to carry laptop and other stuff
5. Extension or multiplug
6. Thermosteel water bottle*
7. Small Torch
8. Googles
9. Chocolates or few energy bars
10. Few snacks or dry fruits
11. Swiss knife as a tool kit
12. Tent for camping, if interested
13. Mats for camping tent
14. Sleeping bag -30 degree temperature
15. Few garbage bags to carry your garbage in case of camping
16. Disposable cups, instant tea bags
17. Lighter or matchstick box
18. Tent light

Saddle bags, tank bag and sleeping bag on my Duke.

Saddle bags, Tank bags, Backpacks, Sleeping bags, Tent and Mats on both bikes

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